Our story

The OEM Store, was founded in 2019. It was built on six years of experience repairing phones, laptops and tablets. The founder and director of the OEM Store, John Rouhana, identified a gap in the Melbourne Repair market - that being most repair stores fail to give their customers the choice between original and aftermarket parts. The OEM Store was created to change that, providing our customers with a new level of transparency when it comes to their repairs.

We are here to help our customers get the best repair for their budget.

We strongly believe our customers should have the choice between both original and aftermarket parts, letting them choose a repair that best suits their budget.

We understand that our customers live busy lives, and because of this we offer our unique pick up and delivery service for their repair. This means our customers can focus on their own lives, instead of going out of their way to get their device repaired.

Smashed iPhone 8 BackSmashed iPhone 8 Screen
Smashed iPhone X LCDSmashed MacBook Screen

Highly skilled repair technicians with a combined 37 years experience in the repair industry.

These days, repairs are not easy. In fact, over the past five years, mobile, tablet and laptop devices have became significantly harder to repair as they have became thinner, lighter, faster and more advance.

Our team's combined 37 years of experience in the repair industry means we are ready to tackle any repair that comes our way.