Phone Repairs in Bayside

It's time for your device to get repaired, you shouldn't have to put up with that smashed screen, or bad battery. We will come to you and repair your device, so you can get back to your life, and your phone can get back to it's fittest form in no time. Not to mention the fact we offer the best repair prices going around, with a choice between original and aftermarket parts, there's always a repair option for your budget. Our unique "come to you" service will get your iPhone or Android device fixed in no time.

Ready to get your device repaired?

Submit your inquiry now, and our team will reach out to you within two hours to determine the best repair option for your budget.

We service all of the Bayside area.

Whether you are located in Hampton or Highett, Bentleigh or Black Rock, Elwood or East Bentleigh, we will come to you & repair your device, in as little as one hour (Depending on the complexity of the repair).

Smashed iPhone 8 BackSmashed iPhone 8 Screen
Smashed iPhone X LCDSmashed MacBook Screen

Our Highly skilled repair technicians come to you.

We understand that these day's everyone's time is limited, whether it be with work, family or school commitments. Because of this, our unique service comes directly to you. We can either repair your device on the spot, or in some cases pickup the device and return it to you within a few hours.

You shouldn't have to keep putting up with that smashed screen, bad battery, or finiky charging port. It's time you get your device repaired today, submit your repair inquiry now so we can get your device repaired and back into fighting form in no time.